chicken fryer

What's better than derpy chickens from outer space? Fried derpy chickens from outer space!

Introducing the jetchicken chicken fryer™!

How It Works:

  1. You send us 3 jetchicken NFTs plus 20 ₳ (and optionally some spacecoins).
  2. We take those 3 jetchickens and make a new, even more awesome (maybe) jetchicken NFT!
  3. We send you back 5 ₳, plus the new jetchicken NFT, plus (randomly) one of your original jetchicken NFTs, plus a random amount of jetchicken scratch, AND a new, unique spacelands NFT!

Note: sending spacecoins along with your burn will help to "lock in" certain features from your existing NFTs. Please see below for details.

IMPORTANT! You must use a modern Cardano Shelley-era wallet that is capable of sending multiple assets and a custom amount of Ada in a single transaction.

We recommend using CC Vault, Nami, or Daedalus.

The chicken fryer is currently down for maintenance. Please stay tuned!

chicken fryer details


jetchicken NFTs


Ada (₳)


spacecoins (optional*)

spacecoins Lock-In Feature

The chicken fryer gives you the optional ability to send spacecoins along with your jetchicken NFTs in order to "lock in" the chicken, homeworld, or necklace icon from one or more of the jetchicken NFTs you have chosen to burn.

Features on the newly created NFT can be locked by sending a specific amount of spacecoins in the format of XXYYZ where (XX) controls the chicken type, (YY) controls the homeworld, and (Z) controls the necklace icon. You must have the attribute (chicken type, homeworld, necklace icon) present on one or more of the jetchicken NFTs you send to be fried.

For example, if you want to ensure you keep a rasta chicken on the dark side of the moon homeworld with the shortbus star necklace icon you would send rasta (XX = 14) + dark side of the moon (YY = 03) + shortbus star (Z = 1) for a total of 14031 spacecoins.

You can substitute 0 for XX, YY, or Z to receive a random selection for that item. For example to only lock in the pink soap necklace icon you would send only 9 spacecoins. To lock in only the worlds collide homeworld you would send 150 spacecoins. To lock in only the science chicken type you would send 1000 spacecoins.

Please refer to the charts below for full details.

Chicken XX Homeworld YY Necklace Icon Z
science 01 native 01 shortbus star 1
bubba 02 asteroid field 02 buffy emoji 2
coonan 03 dark side of the moon 03 frog emoji 3
war 04 uranus 04 unicorn red 4
jetchicken 05 mars 05 purple peanut 5
space 06 black hole 06 alien emoji 6
kaizen 07 blue nebula 07 phyrhose logo 7
commandoo 08 trippyverse 08 brass knuckles 8
ramboo 09 mercury 09 pink soap 9
derp 10 andromeda 10 random 0
robo 11 ftl engaged 11
john chick 12 lost 12
ninja 13 roasty toasty 13
rasta 14 alien invasion 14
zombie 15 worlds collide 15
steven 16 frostland 16
derpbo 17 extinction 17
bubba wick 18 random 00
bubba sneak 19
warstick 20
motherclucker 21
mrjenkins 22
leeroy 23
gallina 24
james cock 25
tcock1000 26
dark chad 27
skypecker 28
el pollo 29
deadtard 30
deadlocks 31
random 00